Scare Eyes – 3 Pack!


Scare Eye Bird Scarer

Scare Eyes are inflatable visual device that imitates the presence of bird predators with six predator eyes, scaring away flocks of nuisance birds with their bright colours and unusual design. Scare Eyes are made of tough vinyl and are 16″ in diameter with tethering points top and bottom and mylar flash tape tails.


Scare Eyes can be suspended from the roofs of sheds to deter problem birds. For crops simply fix to upright poles with leash provided. Allow slack in tether for wind movement and Change colour and position weekly to help prevent habituation.

For use in

  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Trees
  • Orchards
  • Fields
  • Beams

Can Birds see in colour?

Birds have a wide range of visual capabilities. Their ability to see, in many regards, is the deciding factor in their ability to function.

Bird species have differing abilities to visualize in colour. Some species have up to five times the number of rods and cones in their eyes than do humans. Rods operate best in darkness and cones during daylight. Cones have different colour pigments, which provide the ability to see in colour. Humans have three colour pigments, and birds have five, giving them a better ability to differentiate between the different shades of colour. (This also explains why night vision appears much more monochromatic than does day vision.) Bird’s eyes also feature oil droplets that filter the light, allowing them to see smaller differences between colours, in comparison to humans. The oil colour varies among different species, tailored to the environment the bird species lives in and derives sustenance from.

The eyes of the birds are located in different positions, according to the role the species fills. Most birds of prey have forward-facing eyes, providing them with similar binocular capabilities as humans. Some species can move their eyes over a wide range, better allowing them to maintain binocular vision at the peripherals. There are several other aspects of vision, again depending on the species, that provide birds with exceptional visual capabilities

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Scare Eyes – 3 Pack

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