Rotating Head Owl


Rotating Head Owl – Bird Scarer

Life-like Owl with Moving Head – great for pest and bird control on balconies or in small holdings.

Moving Owl:

The life-like moving owl includes a 360 degree rotating head, and reflective eyes, which help deter nuisance birds as well as animals from vulnerable areas.

Use Moving Owl to protect newly seeded lawns, or to protect gardens, boats, roof tops, balconies, and much more from bird fouling.

The Moving Owl can be mounted high up on a pole where wind can catch it easily (extra stability can be added by attaching a cord to the back).

Alternatively fill the Moving Owl with a heavy material such as sand or stones and place on a flat surface.

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Rotating Head Owl – Bird Scarer

It is advised to move the owl around occasionally to achieve the best results. Use of multiple owls is recommended for larger areas.

  • Protects vulnerable areas from pest birds and other animals
  • 360 degree wind activated rotating head
  • Reflective eyes
  • Life-like feature preys on natural instincts of pests
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