Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent


Dazer II – Fend Off Dogs

Dazer is the most Humane Dog Reppeller and Effective Dog Chaser in the world. An Inexpensive way to fend off dogs and secure peace of mind. For those who are terrified of dogs or simply do not want to be bothered by dogs anymore. The Dazer is an inexpensive way to scare off dogs. 

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the Dazer produces a discomforting, but harmless high frequency sound, audible to dogs, but not to humans. Helps stop the approach of unfriendly, aggressive dogs as far away as 7 metres. Also useful as a training aid for dogs and works well to stop incessant barking

The Dazer is highly effective on cats too, at distances of up to 13 metres. Stop your cat from scratching furniture. Chase unwanted cats from your garden.


  • Repels unfriendly dogs safely and humanely

  • Robust and Durable

  • Works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves that annoy animals & keeps them away

  • Ultrasonic sound waves are safe & inaudible to humans

  • Protects you from unfriendly animals

  • Virtually no power consumption

  • Inexpensive battery can last up to 3 years or more

  • Includes LED light

  • Environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, clean

  • Ideal for mail delivery carriers, inspectors & contractors

Made of lightweight, high impact plastic, the Dazer includes a stainless steel belt clip, low battery indicator and a 9V alkaline battery.

The Dazer is used by various Government Authorities, from postmen to health nurses. Tens of thousands of DAZERS have been sold to the general public, including Animal Welfare, Doctors, Vets, Cyclists, Walkers, Dog Owners.

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Dazer II – Fend Off Dogs

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