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Bird Gard Pro – Bird Scarer

The Bird Gard Pro is a compact High Fidelity Bird Scarer that will repel and clear starlings, crows and other nuisance birds from sheds and farm yards or up to 1.5 acres in open ground.

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Bird Gard Pro – BirdGard Technology acts on the birds’ own natural fear of predators and reaction to distress calls. Using bird distress, danger and predator calls and electronic harassment sounds the Bird Gard Pro creates a hostile environment to get rid of starlings, crows and other pest birds.

The problem with bird scarers generally is that the birds become used to them very quickly. The Bird Gard Pro has FOUR random modes to prevent habituation.

Bird Gard Pro System Includes

  • Generating unit with built-in speaker and amplifier
  • Built-in sound chip with 8 different distress, danger and predator calls
  • Power adapter with 50 feet (15 meters) of cable
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting bracket

BirdGard will keep pest birds away, saving you money year on year. Get rid of starlings, crows and other birds from silage clamps, crops, animal feed, machinery, roofs and sheds.

  • Eliminate grain and feed losses.
  • Avoid disease spread from droppings
  • Reduce veterinary bills and stock loss
  • Prevent damage to buildings and machinery
  • Save on cleaning and labour costs
  • Help ensure farm compliance

BirdGard will pay for itself repeatedly, through increased yield, reduced loss and spoils, and the prevention of damage by droppings. BirdGard also aids compliance with government health and safety requirements.

BirdGard™ is humane, effective and inexpensive. To visit the BirdGard™ website click here.

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