Barking Dog Intruder Alarm


Barking Dog Intruder Alarm

Barking Dog Alarm – Sensor Activated Intruder Alarm

One of the best deterrents for protecting your home from burglars is a barking dog. 

Using unique technology this Barking Dog Alarm picks up when somebody approaches the door of your property. When activated the alarm will mimic a large barking dog which will scare off burglars. 

Place the unit beside the door or window you want to protect and the in built sensors will detect a presence outside and set off the alarm, providing an effective deterrent when you are not at home. 

The Barking Dog Alarm can be powered via mains or via batteries (not included) meaning the alarm can be easily placed anywhere around the home or even in a shed. 

Protect Multiple entrances to your home by using extra sensors!


    • Deters intruders/burglars from entering the home 
    • Unique technology – motion sensors detect anyone approaching doors or windows
    • 3 Alarm sounds to choose from – Barking Dog, Alarm or Door Chime
    • No fitting required – Just set the switches to activate
    • Full 360 Degree Detection




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