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Scare Eyes - STOCK CLEARANCE - 3 Pack!
Pest Control

Scare Eyes - 3 Pack!

Scare Eye Bird ScarerScare Eyes are inflatable visual device that imitates the presence of bird predators with six predator eyes, scaring away flocks of nuisance birds with their bright colours and unusual design. Scare Eyes are made of tough vinyl and are 16" in diameter with tethering points top and bottom and mylar flash tape tails. Scare Eyes can...
Visual Deterrents

Rotating Head Owl

Rotating Head Owl - Bird Scarer Life-like Owl with Moving Head - great for pest and bird control on balconies or in small holdings.  Moving Owl: The life-like moving owl includes a 360 degree rotating head, and reflective eyes, which help deter nuisance birds as well as animals from vulnerable areas. Use Moving Owl to protect newly seeded lawns, or to...
Holographic Terror Eyes
Visual Deterrents

Holographic Terror Eyes - Bird Deterrent

Terror Eyes - Bird Deterrent Vinyl inflatable predator frightens bird gangs away! Stock Clearance!  Huge 2-foot hanging ball has menacing, moving eyes on front and back that strike fear in birds! HANG IT AT:     parking lots     building roofs     granaries     orchards,vineyards     feed lots, farm fields...
Holographic Repeller Ribbon
Pest Control

Holographic Repeller Ribbon - Box Of Six

Holographic Bird Scaring Ribbon Pack of 6 Rolls Uses Sound, Movement and Light to deter birds Repeller Ribbon is an inexpensive way to repel nuisance birds for industrial, farming, and domestic applications. Repeller Ribbon is a safe non-toxic method of preventing damage by nuisance birds. Its holographic surface flashes and reflects light to drive...
Hawk ScareCrow - Eolo Hawk ScareCrow - Eolo 2

Eolo Bird Scaring Kite

EOLO Bird Scaring Kite - Silent Falcon Kite The EOLO Falcon is made of high strength aeronautical fabric and comes with a telescopic fibreglass mast of either 5 Metres (16ft) or 7 Metres (22ft).  The EOLO bird scaring hawk kite is a highly effective bird repellent solution for both domestic and commercial use. EOLO bird scaring kites can be used in;...
Scarem Hawk Kite Scarem Hawk Kite 2
Visual Deterrents

Scare'm Hawk Kite

Scare'm Silent Hawk Kite Protect your Crops from Pigeons, Crows, Starlings, Seagulls and More!Two great Bird Scaring Kites for the price of one now come as standard. Switch and choose for optimum effect. Research has proved that frequent changes in types and methods of bird scaring is the most effective way to keep the birds off your valuable crops. The...
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