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Zon Gas Banger - Bird Scarer

Zon Mark 4 Gas Banger - Bird Scarer The Zon Mark 4 is the most user friendly gas cannon in the world. Protect your crops, orchard, livestock and more from pest birds and animals.  Features; Adjustable Interval, 30 Seconds to 30 Minutes Most user friendly cannon in the world Approximately 17,000 shots per 20lb propane tank Piezo electronic...
Gas Bangers

Zon Timer for Gas Cannons

Zon Timer for Gas Cannons With the addition for this timer you can set a start/stop time for your gas cannon. Automatically starts and stops your cannon at a set time every day. (1 on/off period per day) Easy set up - Simply attach to gas line of your Gas Cannon 
Zon EL08 Bird Scarer Zon EL08 Bird Scarer 2

Zon EL08 Banger - Bird Scarer

Zon EL08
Zon EL08 Gas Banger - Bird Scarer The Zon EL08 is an Electronic Gas Banger. It is easy to set up and comes with a complete instruction guide. The Zon EL08 can use both Butane and Propane, but Propane is recommended. It runs on a 12v battery. A standard 12 44ah car battery will last about 90 days before needing recharge.  Features include Easy...
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