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Pawz Away Complete Pawz Away Complete 2
Dog Fences

Pawz Away Pet Barrier

For Cats and Dogs The Pawz Away Pet Barrier is designed to protect areas of your house from your cat or dog. Simply place the Pet Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid  Stop Cats and dogs Jumping On Furniture Walking On Counter-tops Taking food off plates Taking food from your other pets Entering rooms of the house Additional pets...
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Dog Fences

Innotek Electronic Dog Fence

€109.00 €199.00
The Innotek Tech 3000 Dog Containment System Innotek systems are now DISCONTINUED and are no longer available. To discuss alternatives please FREEPHONE 1800 805 151 The Innotek Dog Fence has been replaced by the Petsafe Dog Fence  Please see our full range of Electronic Dog Fences. Features Water resistant collar with 1 level of control...
Basic In Ground Fence Basic In Ground Fence 2
Dog Fences

Petsafe Standard Dog Fence - Small / Medium Dogs

PetSafe In-Ground Fence  Free Delivery  The PetSafe Dog Fence is suitable for dogs 3.6Kg and above.  A high quality, reliable, and budget friendly option for containing your pet.  Includes enough cable to cover 1/3 of an acre but can be expanded up to 5 Acres! Cable can be laid above ground - no need to bury if not required! Includes adjustable...
Stubborn Dog Fence Stubborn Dog Fence 2
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Dog Fences

Petsafe Super Dog Fence - Med/Large Dogs

€179.00 €249.00
Petsafe Super Dog Fence FREE DELIVERY Petsafe System for "Stubborn Dogs" The Petsafe Premium Super 5 Electronic Dog Fence and Dog Collar is our most popular system - Top of the range Dog Fence for larger dogs. Ideal for larger dogs from Springer Spaniel upwards. Advanced Features: Adjustable, Waterproof electric dog collar with 5 levels of...
Deluxe In Ground Fence Deluxe In Ground Fence 2
Dog Fences

Deluxe In Ground Dog Fence - Small/Medium Dogs

PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Fence FREE DELIVERY This Deluxe In-Ground Fence™ System is a high quality and affordable way for you to keep your dog safe on your property. The dogs Deluxe Ultralight receiver collar will start to beep as he approaches the boundary you have established. The dog will receive an adjustable static correction only if he attempts to...
Petsafe Micro Fence Petsafe Micro Fence 2
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Dog Fences

PetSafe Micro Fence - Miniature Breeds

€249.00 €299.00
PetSafe Micro Dog Fence Fence FREE DELIVERY The PetSafe Little Dog Micro Electronic Dog Fence System has the smallest and lightest receiver collar and can be used with miniature breeds as well as small to medium sized dogs Advanced Features: Adjustable for neck sizes 6 to 16 inches Waterproof  4 levels of correction and tone only option...
Petsafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Petsafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence 2
Dog Fences

Rechargeable Dog Fence - Small / Large Dogs

Rechargeable In-Ground Fence  TOP OF THE RANGE SYSTEM FREE DELIVERY The Rechargeable Dog Fence is a high quality containment system that gives the added convenience of not having to change batteries! Just pop off the Receiver Collar when needed and it will quickly charge in 2 - 3 hours.  Petsafe Dog Fences allow you to keep your dog safely in your...
Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence 2
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Dog Fences

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

€325.00 €399.00
PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Instant Wireless Fence - No Wires FREE DELIVERY Keep your pet safe in your yard without burying wires! Just plug the Transmitter into a standard wall outlet close to the area where you want to contain your pet. The Transmitter communicates with your dog’s Receiver Collar and helps keep him in the designated area by first...
Stay and Play Wireless Fence™ System (PIF17-13478) - PetSafe® Ireland Stay and Play Wireless Fence™ System (PIF17-13478) - PetSafe® Ireland 2
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Wireless Dog Fences

Stay and Play Electronic Wireless Fence™ System

€449.00 €475.00
Stay and Play Wireless Rechargeable Dog Fence FREE DELIVERY A wire free method of keeping you pet safe in your yard. This Wireless Dog Fence comes with a rechargeable receiver as standard - meaning you have no need to buy batteries in the future! The receiver collar is quick charging - less than 3 hours charge time. The lightweight and portable...
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